Saturday, April 19, 2014



I am one lucky lady.  I have met many friends throughout my life, and the ones who have stuck by my side, through all of the good times and bad-those are the ones I cherish.
Life has its ups and downs.  You go through high school and college, and it is amazing that what you see as a crisis back then, was so trivial now.  How we all grow, blossom, thrive.  I see the ladies who I keep close, and some days I wonder how we all do it.  How we get up every day, and kick ass.  Take names.  Go through struggles, but still somehow wake up each day and own it.  I am proud of my ladies.  I get strength from them, and I am glad to call them friends.  

Friday, April 18, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days Update

So every year during Lent, I do 40 Bags in 40 Days.  This year I am behind, but as my fiancĂ© is calling it, the "great purge of 2014" is underway.  He has done well at this task..getting rid of most of the 1990s that somehow stayed in his closet for all of these years.  Now if I can only get rid of that velour track suit...if only!

I am slowly but surely getting rid of the clutter, and will continue to keep myself honest. 

I just donated 3 bags of clothes, shoes, and purses to Goodwill.  Things that I haven't used in 1+ years, usually doesn't make the cut in my closet.  I have it paired down quite a bit, and I also have an area of clothes to sell.  Standby for the next great Ebay extravaganza.  Some lucky lady got a JCREW coat for the cheap last time! 

I am also a binder girl.  Yup.  I said it.  Binders.  Everywhere.  Work, Home, School.  Binders. 

I have one for recipes, one for the wedding, one for get the picture.  Supa dupa organized.  Have to be in this crazy world. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

What made me cry this week...

I am definitely not an emotional person.   Ok.  Maybe I am.  But...I just found out my little puppy has cancer.  Sux.  She is an awesome dog, and I hope that even though I am not around, the vet can take care of her while I am gone for work. 

Yes, I cried when the vet told me:(  Who wouldn't?! 

Please keep my baby girl in your thoughts and prayers!

Enjoying time at the dog park!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Well folks, It is that time to mail out the Save the Dates.  I just sent them in the mail, and I felt so behind.  Who knew that gathering addresses, picking out the perfect magnet, etc would take up so much time?!?

The Mr. and I chose this one. I picked navy blue as the color, and they came out perfectly.  I was worried about the picture quality, etc-but it looks amazing!  I also had the option to add the password to my website.  That was key, as I know so many people like to "stalk" other people's wedding websites.  Sorry folks, no open page for you! 

I used one of our fav engagement photos, and I hope our guests love the Save the Dates as much as we do! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boston Strong

It has been 1 year since the Boston Marathon bombings, and I found this article on . 

This article is amazing.  I don't know what it was about that day.  I cringed when I saw it on real time on tv, while at the vet with Bella and my love.  I immediately texted all of my brothers.  My middle brother is a runner.  I was so impressed and moved how the city of Boston rallied together, prayed together, and found the suspects who changed so many lives that day.

Just 3 days before, my friend took this pic of me and my brother at O'Hare.  He covets that jacket, such a milestone in the life of a runner-the Boston Marathon. 

Keep praying for Boston, and those who are running this year on April 21st.  Many of those who are running and those who were injured.  They are also running for those who died. 

Boston Strong.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bad News

Well folks, I have been under the weather for the past few days, and I slept a lot on Thursday and Friday. 

While resting up for a big week at work, I got a call from the vet.  My poor little Bella has skin cancer, and we hope to get her surgery next week.  She is such a sweet baby.  Please send hugs, prayers, and snorts this way! 

Bella in Rhode Island 2012.