Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving at Sea..

Happy Thanksgiving from the..ocean :)

I got to sleep in this morning, which was amazing.  I stayed up late last night to bake some of my famous Pumpkin Spice Bread for the Wardroom.  I hope everyone enjoys it!
I am about to eat brunch, then go on watch..have a late dinner. 

This week, I reflected a lot about what I am thankful goes:

  • My Family.  I have the best brothers and sister a girl could ask for.
  • My Faith.  My faith keeps me strong, even on the worst days out at sea.
  • My friends.  No matter where they are in the world, they know how to make my worst days better.
  • My dog, Bella, and all the love she has to give to me, and everyone she meets.
  • My hometown, Chicago.  The rich history, the amazing food, and the sports teams..even the Cubs. 
  • My job, even when it takes me 6,000 miles or more away from those I love.
  • The ocean.  So vast, and so beautiful.
  • My shipmates.  They challenge me and make me a better person.
  • Fresh Fruit.  I miss fresh fruit, food, and milk. 
  • My own bed.  Comfy sheets, pillows, and a Bella make for better sleep.
  • Coffee dates with friends.  A cup of joe with friends makes all the worries in the world go away.
  • Mail and care packages.  Makes 9 months fly by!
  • Email/phone calls/Skype.  Allows me to call my family and boyfriend, curbing homesickness
  • My guy.  My best friend.  I couldn’t be doing this 9 month deployment with out him supporting me every step of the way. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day

Today was Veterans.  A day like any other day out at sea.  Wake up, go stand watch, rinse, repeat.

Today was a little different.  I spent time reflecting on life, and how much I am looking forward to going home next year.  I  have learned so much the past 5 months, and continue to learn and appreciate the American way of life.

God Bless America, and thank a Veteran today!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Whooah, we're half way there...

..Livin' on a prayer!

That is right folks, we have already completed half of our deployment.

9 months is a long time to be at sea.  You don't get days off out here.  You work 18 hours a day most days. If you get sick, there are no sick days (unless you are realllly sick).  You eat the same food every 21 days.  You get mail maybe every 2 weeks.  You pull into port for 1 day off approx every 30-60 days.  Email can be intermittent...and the list goes on.

Things I miss the most right now in no particular order:
Fresh fruits and veggies
Real Milk (we drink UHT)
Bath tub
Hugs from my guy
Kisses from my pup
My own bed
NCIS (only tv I watch)

I have definitely learned to appreciate life much more while out here these past 5 months.  I will blog more about that later..

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  Hoping this last half of deployment flies by as fast as the first half!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Greetings everyone! 

I am writing to you from Dubai, UAE. We pulled into port for some R&R.  Had fun, but definitely need more rest!

Here is to being halfway there!  I can't wait to be back pierside in Florida!!