Monday, June 30, 2014

Vow Vox Box

So some of you may have seen my last Influenster post here about some great free products I received from Mary Kay. 

I was surprised to see that I was eligible for another Vox Box, this one having a wedding theme!

I hurried home from a 2 week work trip to open up a box filled with goodies!  The box contained Sally Hansen nail polish (something blue), Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream (love), Riley and Grey website (I already made mine, otherwise awesome), Pure Silk Shaving Cream (omg), Eco Tools Pure Complexion Sponge (yes, yes, another love), and Tide to Go (perfect for my survival kit, and for work-hellloooo, Sailors wear a LOT of white!) 

My two favs are of course the face cream and the shaving cream.  I am for sure a fan, and will buy these two products again. The shaving cream is a mere $2.19 at the store, which is wayyy cheaper than the stuff I normally use (gasp..$36..long story there.  don't judge). 

I would wear the nail polish, but my job has super strict rules on color, so I will wear on the toes soon, just can't wear it on the hands.  This was a great, simple VoxBox, full of stuff I can use, and definitely need!  I really can't wait to get another one...:)

Oil of Olay.  Simple, and awesome.  #BestBeautiful

Seriously.  Awesome Shaving Cream!  That is the Eco Tools Face Sponge..incredible!

Jerrod Niemann - Drink to That All Night

Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Weekend in Two Words: Laundry and Wine has been a whirlwind since returning from my vacation.  Hence the hiatus.  Work has been crazy, and I think I just caught up on laundry. 

This past weekend I relaxed, and made it all about me.  I had to unwind, and take care of myself.  I had some happy hour cocktails and apps with a dear friend who did me a huge favor when I was gone..went to the spa to get a deep tissue massage and facial..treated myself to some chicken at a good book..went to bed early..had brunch with same friend from Friday..and did more laundry.  Did I mention the laundry?  Geez.  I need to give away or sell some clothes.  Now. 

Mmmm. Magiannos. 

Out with the with the new!

Friday, June 20, 2014

I Love To Play Dress Up

So this shouldn't sound as creepy as the title may sound.  But I love to dress up.  Wearing camo all day, I mean-really?!  I nice dress and a night out on the town is something every girl needs.  But how to keep down that cost?  Well I don't have any need to have crazy dresses just sit in my closet, so I Rent the Runway.  Check out some of my previous rentals here, here and here

I rented two dresses when I went home on vacation, and I loved them both. 



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Wednesday-Bachelorette!

So my ladies came to the big city to help me celebrate my bachelorette.  I had such a great party put on my bridesmaids.  I couldn't ask for a better night.  Fun, but still pretty low key.  We had dinner at Quartino, and sang some karaoke at Blue Frog.  Classic Chicago night. 

Festivities are about to begin!

My matron of honor could not fly in, and she made the most amazing bags!  Such necessities! 

Two of my Navy gals couldn't fly in.  Toasts for all!

How cute is this?!  My MOH can plan a party.  And we can taste test a menu.  And drink.

My older sister and me!

What a motley crew!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Birthdays and Ballgames!

So my Chicago trip continues onto Birthdays and Ballgames!  You can read about part 2 here!

I took my guy to Hot Dougs for his birthday.  Lame?  Of course not?!  Who doesn't want some encased meats for their big day.  I had two hot dogs..yes, cheated on my diet.  But then again, I was in Chicago.  The 4 pounds gained was worth it.  I had a pear, wine, and fresh herb pork sausage hot dog with fig peach mayonnaise and jalapeno Havarti cheese.  Soo good.  Sooo sooo good.  We had to go again because this place shuts its doors for good in October.  Mike and I went a few years ago, so we had to go again!

Cheesing.  Waiting in line. 


For dinner I took him to Gather.  The food was incredible.  The service even better.  I had some great halibut..and really want to go back!  We had some time to kill before we met up with some friends for drinks, so I convinced him to go to a bistro for dessert.  We had some profiteroles with some Bordeaux.  So good.  Seriously, the night was a real treat.  After missing his birthday for a few years, it was the least I could do!  We then met some girl friends of mine at a bar.  Great end to a great night! 

Love these girls!
The next day, we met up with a group of friends from near and far to go to the Cubs game.  Cubs vs the Marlins.  Such a fun time sharing the game with my friends from high school and college.  The college girls flew in from VA to spend the weekend with me.  The high school gals came in from a far as well.  So blessed to have these girls in my life!
Go Cubs!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

We are getting married in the Catholic Church.  We just completed Pre-Cana, and we are now looking into the ceremony details.  The priest just gave us a book to look through for readings, music, etc. 

Any Catholics out there have any favorite readings, music, etc?  This is one area I am not as comfortable with (probably bc I don't have a planner helping me each step of the way). 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sweet Home Chicago Part 2..

Well folks, I just got back from 1 trip so far this summer.  Sweet home Chicago!   You can read all about part 1 here!

After all the fun, we started out Monday strong.  We went to our food tasting!  Oh my, that definitely put a dent in the diet plan.  No need to worry.  Hopped back on that train tonight.  Then the guy and I watched a movie.  A great Monday..for sure!

Tuesday was also jammed packed with planning.  We met our photographer, and designed our invitations!  Then we met our priest for dinner, and started the process for the ceremony.  Turns out, not only did I know the priest, my guy did too!  He was the parish priest for his first communion.  Small world. 

Wednesday we picked out the cake.  Cake tasting.  Oh my goodness.  Amazing.  Then, we met with the florist.  I dropped the guy back at home, and did a makeup trial.  Love the makeup artist.  She was absolutely amazing. 

Stay tuned for some more of my time in Chicago..more pictures too!

Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J

Bachelorette aftermath..

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Days..

We had an awesome day so far...another post for another time.  But..I thought I would share these two pics of the dogs.  Nothing says summer days like these two!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

This is a big week for us planning wise.  Imagine planning a wedding in 5 days?  That is basically what we are doing.  But it is ok:)  We'll get there.

We did our tasting this week, and all I have to say is that our food is going to be amazing!  From the apps to the meal, there will be no disappointments!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the desserts we tasted!

We picked 4 of these:)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sweet Home Chicago!

So I am back in town to take care of some much needed wedding planning, and drop the monkey off back home.  My work schedule right now is too hectic to have her in Florida with me.  It is just not fair to her. 

I was so glad to get home on Friday! 

Saturday was Pre-Cana.  We were definitely the couple with the most time until their wedding #militaryproblems

Sunday was a relaxing day.  We walked the dogs in the park, and I took my sister and her kids to lunch.  It was her and one of the little's bdays', and the older one graduated from grade school!!
One of my bff's came over later in the day, and we watched the Hawks.

Not bad for my first weekend back!!!

So happy in my last state of the drive from FL to IL!

Cutest 2.5 year old ever.

I am so happy! and suck at taking selfies.  But that is ok.  It isn't going on my resume. 

Love my neighborhood!