Friday, April 29, 2016

What in the ever living...

I am sure you can fill in the rest.  So there is no mistaking my daughters photos.  When you see her, she is in a brace.  She has a medical condition, and has to wear it.  Cool.  What isn't cool is when instead of folks asking what it is, or for, they assume I did something to her.  WTF?!  She was born that way.  Thanks.

I didn't even think twice until yesterday when I got terrible looks and questions at the restaurant we were at.  Then I looked at the support group I am a part of on Facebook.  Some of the parents even had DCFS called on them by neighbors.  Seriously.  If you are so curious, just ask.  I don't care.  I'd rather get more kids and babies screen for hip dysplasia and get them aware of how common it really is.  Don't judge.  She is getting the best medical care possible.  But how crappy for some folks to assume that parents hurt their kid?  My goodness.

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