Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.  Praying for all those who have to sacrifice these holidays with working. From service men and women, to doctors and nurses, to police and firemen.  Thank you for standing the watch.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Thoughts

This post was on my FB page yesterday.  

"The holidays can be a rough time of the year for folks. Whether they have an illness, lost their job, are suffering from something you don't even know about or could understand-this quote says it all. I have seen so much suffering this month amongst my friends. I pray that everyone overcomes their struggles and has someone to lean on."

I have family members and friends who have lost jobs.  Friends who have been diagnosed with untreatable cancer.  Friends who just need someone there for them.

We all have our demons.  We all have our issues.  They may not seem "big" to other people that are suffering, but they may be big to the person it is affecting.  Maybe that lost job is the first rejection they have ever had.  Maybe they can't provide for their family.  Perhaps that illness was just the breaking point of that person.  Who knows.  It is really easy to judge.  It is tough to understand.  Forgive.  Accept.  

This holiday season, reach out to those suffering.  Reach out to everyone.  You never know what battles people are facing each day-and they might just NOT tell you about it or advertise on FB, etc.  Be kind.  Always. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Traditions!

Holiday traditions have always been pretty sporadic for me being Active Duty.  I have realized that for the past 5 holidays, I have always gotten Mike an ornament.  So, boom, a tradition.  I got him one this year too.  Perfect for our first tree!!

The past 5 years!
2010 I spent the holiday with my middle brother's family in Chicago.  Mike and I just started dating.
2011 I spent with Mike and his family.  I flew in from Newport, RI
2012 I spent out at sea.  It was terrible.  No mail for over a month.  We literally celebrated in January
2013 I spent with Mike, he proposed that week!  I flew in from Jacksonville, FL
2014 I spent with Mike.  Our first Christmas as husband and wife!  I flew in from Jacksonville, FL
2015 I am spending with Mike, his family, and my family.  Yay for finally living in Chicago again!

We are starting a new tradition this year regarding gifts.  I know that gift giving can be stressful.  We also try to do little things for each other.  Making a favorite meal, surprise flowers, greeting cards with a special note, etc.

Our gifts are now broken into categories.  We did it this way to make it easier on us, and for when our princess arrives.  We would rather have experiences than a house full of things.

We broke it down to an item we want, need, wear, and read.  Simple enough right?

The wants are items that aren't necessarily practical.  I want a cleaning lady.  He wants a video game.

The needs are items that are practical such as an art kit, or accessory for a computer, etc.

The wear are items such as clothing, jewelry, perfume.

The read are items like books, or magazine subscriptions.

I wish I had thought about this sooner.  I kind of want to do this for my nieces and nephews bc shopping for them is a huge headache.  I never know what they want.  EVER.  So I just buy them stuff, that they probably don't want, need, wear, or read.  Eh.  I think Mike and I gave each other fair lists this year, and I look forward to doing this for our princess next year.  That way I am not buying her 30 outfits for Christmas.  :)

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas?!?

So many of you know about direct sales companies.  Some of them drive me nuts.  Some I love. Some I am obsessed with, and NOT a healthy obsession.  At least for my checking account. :)

Here are my favorite 3.  I have shopped from many, but these are my repeats!

Stella and Dot.  My friend Maggie sells this stuff.  She is a stay at home mom, married to a Naval Officer.  She has definitely helped me find some great jewelry, and gotten me away from the same old stuff.   I probably purchase once a quarter, to change up my look.  It is amazing what one pair of earrings can do for you!  The jewelry is great quality, classy, and is great for gifts!!


Here is her website.

Rodan and Fields.  My friend Meghan sells this stuff.  I was hooked after a month.  I have always had some rough skin (curse of the Irish I tell you), and when I used the Unblemish Regimen, I couldn't go back.  I wished I had this stuff for my wedding.  I tell ya.  I have used Unblemish with some Redefine products, and am very happy.  It is one thing for folks to spend lots of money on shoes, clothes, purses-but this is your face!!  I feel so much more professional now that I have clear skin.  It was awful being a Senior Officer on a Navy ship with teenage breakouts.  Now I hardly ever wear makeup because I just don't need to cover up my face.  That, my friends, is awesome.

Here is her website.

Young Living.  Ok, ok, ok, I sell it.  I just started.  Because I can't get enough of it.  I got hooked after I bought the Premium Starter Kit.  From diffusing the oils, to using topically, the results have been staggering.  I have three diffusers in our house (1 for our room, 1 for the living/dining area, 1 for the baby's room).  The oils you can diffuse can help with anything from restless sleep, to just having a clean/odor free home.  Take a look at my site for more info.  So much to say!!!

Here is my website.

What are your favorite direct sale sites?

Monday, November 30, 2015

Good Cheer, Family, and Friends

I can't believe Thanksgiving just passed, and here we are, last day of November!

This week was busy seeing family, eating...but not overdoing it!  I made two incredible pies for Thanksgiving..I love pumpkin and apple pies.  Something about them just scream comfort food!  My recipes are on my pinterest page if you are interested.  I have made the apple pie before.  I will never use another recipe.  This one is just too good!

Preggo Mego.  I can't wait to have this baby girl!

I spent Black Friday downtown with my girls at Berghoff and the Christkindlemarket in Daley Plaza.  If you live in Chicago, are visiting Chicago, etc-YOU MUST go to the market.  I got a little hot coco and some non alcoholic spiced wine.  So good!

BFFs for life:)  
Now I am just trying to finalize holiday shopping, gift wrapping/mailing, decorating, and getting our cards out.  All while trying to bake this baby.  She is 33 weeks, and I swear every day she gets more and more cramped.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Winterizing Your Home

So Chicago just had its first snow fall, and there are many things you must do to get ready for winter. The mind boggling thing is that many people just don't do any of it?!


1. Disconnect your garden hose outside and store it for the winter.  Leaving hoses connected to spigots may cause interior water lines to freeze and burst.

2. Store your patio furniture.  Why leave it out to get damaged?  Some folks are just lazy, others just have too much crap in their garage.  But why leave your nice items outside to get damaged by old man winter?  Don't even get me started on those folks with too much crap in their garage...

3. Maintain your furnace.  We have our heating/cooling company come by each year to maintain our furnace and a/c.  Is it a waste?  No. Preventative maintenance can identify issues before you have a furnace go kaput in the middle of winter.  This past time he found out a piece of our humidifier wasn't working properly and was recalled.  He replaced it for free.  Also, change your furnace filters!

4. Install storm windows/doors/weatherproofing plastic over windows.  We also have energy efficient drapes in two rooms of the house.  They are black out curtains that can also keep heat out/in.  Love them.

5. Call your local energy company (gas/electric/etc) and get an energy assessment.  We did this over the summer and had COMED (Chicago company) come and see where we could cut down costs.  We installed all new LED light fixtures, especially outside.  You don't have to change lightbulbs with an LED fixture.  Why is this cool?  In the winter, the temperature fluctuating can affect the life expectancy of these bulbs.  So why not just get a new fixture?  We did, spent about $20 per fixture, and they should last 10-15 years.  NO LIGHTBULB CHANGING!!!  

What are some of your tips and tricks for getting your home ready for winter?

Monday, November 16, 2015


Have you ever just been in such a rut that you just can't get out of it?  I am trying to stay motivated today catching up on life.  Sending out much needed mail.  Cleaning out the inbox.  Breathing.
I almost want to just fast forward through the holidays at this point.  Baby girl makes me more and more uncomfortable every day making it very tough to get anything accomplished.  I am used to moving a mile a minute and she just says "slow down momma!"  We'll be meeting her soon enough. Just breathe.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Recipe: Best Ever Apple Pie

So yes.  I said it.  I made the best ever apple pie.  I have made a few recipes over the years, but this one will stick.  It is going in the cookbook.  Into the annals of history.  Ok.  You get the point.

There is a nifty little video on this link that will show you how to make the crust.  It is simple.  Seriously minutes simple.  

Makes dough for one single crust pie. The recipe is easily doubled for a two crust pie.  I use regular butter here instead of unsalted, so I don't need to add any salt.  If all you have is unsalted butter on hand, be sure to add 1/2 teaspoon of salt.
  • 1¾ cup flour  (about 9 ounces)
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1½ sticks cold butter (12 tablespoons), cut into slices
  • ¼ cup ice water (approximately)
Place flour and sugar in a food processor.  Pulse.  Add about half of the butter. Pulse.  Add the rest of the butter. Pulse until the mixture turns into coarse crumbs. Through the feed tube, slowly add most of the ice water and pulse until the dough gathers up into a ball.  If it doesn't after a few seconds, add a few more drops of ice water until it does.  Take the dough and flatten it into a disc and place it on a sheet of floured plastic wrap and wrap it up. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes.
Pie Recipe is here
Finished Product!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Halloween this year in Chicago was so rainy!  I hate it when it is crappy out, which is 90% of the time.  I honestly can't remember a nice day for Halloween here.

Mike and I handed out candy to the kids after the rain stopped, and just enjoyed each other's company at home.  Had to get ready for Sunday Funday.  Too bad the Bears screwed up the last quarter of the game. :(

I didn't make anything spectacular for Halloween.  Just pizza and made some cider to just stay warm when I kept opening the door.

Here are some pics!

My costume!  Baby Bartz is almost 30 weeks along!!

Bella wore this a few years ago.  Had to break it out again.  She was a great landshark greeting trick or treaters!
How was your Halloween?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Recipe: Stuffed Acorn Squash

So I of course found this on Facebook, as I see many recipes.  There or Pinterest.  The devils.

I wanted to make something more fall like, and something that was healthy.  Trust me, more fall recipes are to come.  Patience.

The recipe is here, and my photo of the final product is below.  I had so much of the stuffing I baked it in a casserole dish on the side of the acorn squash.  I loved this so much, that I am definitely making it for the in laws when I have them over next.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Falling for Chicago!

Well for one, I am just like 90% of the other girls in the world that just love fall.  I love the colors, and smell..everything.

Sights: Every City Park.  Omg.  I just drive down Devon Ave between Milwaukee and Caldwell and feel like I am in the country.  The Forest Preserve provides some amazing color!

Smells: Leaves burning.  Illegally, but burning.  Pumpkin everything, or just whatever I am making in my kitchen.  Usually involving apples.  Lots and Lots of apples.  I get more motivated to bake in the fall.  I bake 1 time a week, at least, and have DH bring in stuff to work.  We keep one of each for us.  The rest goes to the guys and gals!

Eats: Trying out new recipes/restaurants.  I have made stuffed acorn squash, chili, and about to make some great barley soup.  It is an excuse to cook more of the "comfort foods".  I try to slim em down with some skinny taste recipes.  I also grab 1 good coffee a week.  Just 1.  I can't afford that Starbucks PSL habit.  But I can have 1 carmel apple spice, PSL, or Toasted Graham Cracker latte. Yesss.
Some of the new restaurants are Smoque, Smak Tak, and XOCO.  BBQ, Polish, and of course, Rick Bayless' own restaurant.

Churros and Chocolate at XOCO

Things to do: Apple Picking!  We just did this, and I thought my husband was going to hate it.  He loved it.  Maybe because we went to a nearby brewery afterwards?  Eh, either way, it was fun!
Pumpkin patch/hayride (usually with apple picking)
College football!  We traveled to Champaign, IL to see my beloved ILLINI play!
Oktoberfests.  Many at local parishes.  St. Alphonsus throws a big festival.

What do you love about fall in your city?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Baby Moon?

I have heard baby moons are all the rage, but I refuse to travel this far into my pregnancy.  My last trip I had a TON of braxton hicks contractions, and it freaked me out.  A lot.

The hubs is on vacay for a while, so we are taking care of baby business as well as just enjoying time together.

We tried out XOCO on Clark Street, which was awesome, but we had to wait 35 minutes for food.  Kind of a long time.  Love the churros.  OMG.  So good.

We went and bought nursery furniture for our girly, because I was freaked out at hearing that our friends had to wait weeks to get theirs.  Yikes.

We went apple picking, and tried out a brewery while we were out there.  So nice!

Picking some gala and suncrisp apples!
We went to my college's homecoming game and tailgated with classmates of mine.  Incredible to catch up with a great group of folks.  I went back in 2005, 2008, 2009, and 2010.  I love this tradition. Oh the 3 in 1.

Foam fingah and the baby belly

Love these gals!

Mike and I.  He loved Grange Grove!

We had brunch at the house for a few of my girl friends that haven't seen the remodel yet.  Yay!

So now onto more house prep and adventures.  Let's hope my body holds up for it all.  #swollenfeetsuck

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Saving $$

So lately, I have realized I need to mainstream things in our life.  Save money, get organized, etc.

I have a method to my madness, and it is pretty awesome.  I have found a few websites that have been very helpful during my save $$ quest.  I really got motivated because I want life to be as easy as possible before the baby arrives shortly.

Do you shop at Target?  And love it?  I know I do.  I downloaded the Cartwheel app a few months ago.  I have saved almost $100 using it over the past 6 months.  I use the app, combined with coupons, and look at the sale paper via the following websites Target Fanatic and The Couponing Couple.  This way I know what the best deals are, and can plan out a logical trip to the store.  I usually save 25-45% off my entire bill, and get some gift cards in return.  I am saving those up for holiday gifts.

Do you shop at ALDI?  Er my gerd.  I used to think it was not worth my time.  I take my grocery list, shop there, and find what I need.  Anything they don't carry, I go to Jewel/Marianos.  I bought a weeks worth of groceries there for about $30 the other day.  All fresh.  All organic.  Just good food.  Bring 25 cents for a cart and some reusable bags!

Do you Shopkick?  Ibotta?  I use these two apps.  While I troll through the aisles of Target, I scan items via shopkick and get rebates via Ibotta.  So awesome.  Why have I not done this before?  I make money just because I am out of my house and shopping?  Yep.  I sure do.

Needless to say, between groceries and stocking up on items at Target every week, I spend about $150.  3 meals a day for my husband and I, that are almost entirely organic and made from scratch.   That is on groceries, soaps, etc (and yes, even diapers when they are on sale at Target!!).

So what are your secrets on saving money?  Any helpful websites?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Recipe: Pizza Grilled Cheese

So my DH loves it when I make grilled cheese.  I don't make your traditional white bread with Kraft singles kind of grilled cheese.  I go all out.

My usual regular grilled cheese includes good artisan bread, muenster, gouda, and a savory relish/jam.  Since I had some bread left over, and some sliced mozz in the fridge, I tried my hand at some pizza grilled cheese.

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  So good.

You can get the recipe here.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Recipe: One Pot Chicken Alfredo

So I have never made "home made" Alfredo before.  Just easier to buy a jar of sauce.  Right?

Well I found this one pot recipe for Alfredo, and it was just too easy to pass up.  I made it and my DH and I loved it.  I can't wait to make it again!

You can find the recipe here.

So good.  Gotta have milk with it.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

It Has Been A While..

So life has been busy, not so busy, and everything in between.  I swear pregnancy makes you want to clean the house top to bottom one day not stopping, and just lie in bed for hours on others.  Baby girl is all over my sciatic nerve right now, which makes certain activities...interesting.  Walking the pups is a walk in the park, literally, or a pain in my ass.  Literally.

I have been finishing rooms in the house, pondering how to decorate a nursery, and cooking up a storm.  Trying new recipes has always been a fav of mine.  But I have been "killing" it lately.  Hehe.

I had a great weekend too.  Not just one of those, "I did a million things and let me instagram all about it" kind of weekends.  A weekend of just seeing girl friends, and spending all day Saturday and Sunday with my dear husband.  We did so much for each other, and just enjoyed each others company so much.  Have you ever had a weekend where you felt so much love? Yep.  That was this weekend.

Here are a few photos to tide you over.

I make some delicious enchiladas.  

Marianos had $5 bouquets.  Who turns that down?

Dinner at date night.  So good.  Thank you Cafe Touche!

Date night.  24 weeks.  

Friday night with my lovelies.  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Baby Gender Reveal

I am sure some of you are intrigued to know if Baby B will be a boy or a girl.

Hope on over to my instagram and check out the video I posted.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Well folks, I am finally back from my last trip of the year.  That is right.  Being 5.5 months pregnant, I won't take the risk to fly anymore, even though there are many events I want to go to.  It just isn't worth it.

I went out East, and spent time with friends and family.  My first stop was visiting one of my bffs and her husband and son.  My first time meeting the little dude.  He is a dead ringer for his dad, and just too cute.  We all went out on a grown up night, and got to catch up and she def talked to me about a lot of baby stuff.  So grateful, as I feel clueless and unprepared most days. We ate dinner at Bazins, which was excellent.  Then we found a tiny boutique that was moving, and I bought a bunch of stuff for the tiny human.  Made out like a bandit.  50% off everything. Woohoo!  We also went to Sweet City Desserts for a treat to go.  Such a wonderful day.  I left their house and went 30 mins west to my oldest brother's house.

Friday we went to Ford's Fish Shack for lunch.  So good.  I was in heaven.  We then went to Ritas for some ice, and then back home so we could get ready for some Friday Night Lights.  High School Football!  My niece, aka, mini-me's school was beating some serious butt until lightening made us evacuate the field.  Bummer.  We left after they called the game for weather.

Saturday I went to Alexandria to have brunch with my ILLINI ladies. I love and miss my college friends so much.  And it never ceases to amaze me that even 15 years after we have all met, we are close, and will drop anything/everything to help each other out.  We had brunch at Warehouse, which was incredible.  I will def come back whenever I am in VA.  It was that good.  We grabbed some cupcakes at Lavender Moon Cupcakery.  Highly recommend it.  I have had many a cupcake in my day, but this place was just wonderful.  After brunch I relaxed as the baby was wearing me out all day, and then had dinner and played Apples to Apples with the crazy family!

Post Cupcakes! And over 50 years of military experience.  Awesome ladies!
Sunday I drove to Annapolis for my friend's wedding.  What a whirlwind.  Brunch with my Navy gals, wedding ceremony, and reception.  Thank goodness I wore flats:)  I just can't get over how beautiful of a day it was.  I am so happy for my friend, and just find it amusing that our whole group found our "loves" so much later than most people.  Our husbands were worth the wait!

Alie, Me, Katie

Can't even describe how beautiful this is!!!

Love these ladies!

Me and Katie.  I met her 15 years ago, and we always pick up right where we left off!!

I flew back to Chicago Monday, and am glad to be home with the pups and my guy.  Now I just have to get my butt in gear and prep two more rooms in the house before baby comes!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Influenster: Maybelline Vox Box

Many of you that follow me on IG know that I received a box of foundation from Maybelline to test. I absolutely love it! I got the Better Skin foundation in porcelain, which definitely describes my skin tone:)

I enjoy using drug store makeup.  Not only because I don't need makeup daily (but usually wear it anyway), but because it is good quality, and I save money.  One of my go to brands is Maybelline, due to the great quality of products.

This foundation was light, and covered all red spots and imperfections on my face.  I have already used about 1/3 of the bottle in a month.   I really enjoy receiving products like this to test out from Influenster, so I can spread the word, and try things I may not normally buy!

What is your favorite drug store makeup item?

#makeup #summerdays

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a working weekend for me. :(  Have to earn some money though!  So can't really complain.  It is just becoming increasingly tougher to work with a baby kicking, heartburn, and just general exhaustion, but it is all worth it. 

Friday was low key. I actually got sick, so I spent some time at urgent care.  Who gets ear infections at 33?  Luckily I am starting to feel a little better.  Nothing like a night in with some mac and cheese, and some reruns on tv.

Saturday DH and I ordered some Thai food and relaxed watching the first season of True Detective.  Such a good show.  I can never "get" into tv shows due to my job, because I am never around.  Now, I have time to actually sit down, relax and watch a tv show.  Nuts right?  

Sunday we had a "date night in" as I call it.  Some Sinatra, some sauce cooking on the stove, and a great Italian meal for us.  Complete with gelato.  Of course it can't be all fun and games.  Had to do laundry and meal plan.  Very excited over cooking the next two weeks.  We are having my sister and nieces over for a bday celebration, and a block party this weekend!  

What are your fav kid recipes or block party recipes?  I am stumped on a few things.  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Heart is Full

I had an incredible week this week.  One of those weeks where you are able to catch up with old friends, new friends, and family.  It was just plain fun.

I was fortunate enough to see many friends this week. From high school buds to fellow ILLINI, to Navy peeps. My heart is full from the conversations, pictures of growing babies, new jobs,new houses, and living life.  

Take a look at this article.  It just made my heart happy.  I am always a sucker for spending time with people, especially when they stop by Chicago.  No matter how brief of a trip, I try to make it like home, and make the most of the trip for them.  So if we are friends, and you live far away, and you stop by Chicago for a visit, I promise I will do everything I can to make time for you!!  

When Close Friends Live Far Away

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Latest Obsessions

So lately I have become "obsessed" with living more simply.  With spending less, and living more.

DH and I have been talking about things we want to do..from going to the gardens near our house, to just getting Chinese food.  All in all, we want to do more things, spending time together, but spend less money all around. are some of my tips and tricks in helping our cause.

I have been simplifying my wardrobe.  I started doing Project 333.  Yes.  I dove in.  But no blog posts?!  Why Megan, why?  It has been so easy to keep myself accountable with a maternity wardrobe, that honestly, it is easy.  I don't miss my old clothes, and I look good every day.  It takes seconds to figure out what I will wear after I check the weather.  Hello random Chicago summer.  I am slowly but surely building up my fall wardrobe.  Ok ok, I will post my pieces from my summer wardrobe so you can see what I am working with.  I didn't limit myself to 33 pieces, because a number is just a number.  It is all about being more frugal, having less crap around, and just looking good with what you have.  I LOVE it.

I have been a couponing, meal planning freak.  I just started getting the Sunday paper and clipping coupons for what we use.  I then plan on what stores are already having deals on that stuff, and doubling up my coupons.  It took some effort in the beginning.  I am not "that" good at it yet, but hope to be. I also downloaded an app to keep track of what is in my pantry.  Seemed like a lot of work, but all you have to do is scan the barcode.  I scanned my entire pantry in an hour last night.  This will make meal planning a breeze!

For the past two years, I have kept a "gift" box.  I keep track of gifts I buy for my family all year long.  I will find something someone will love, and buy it.  I don't care if it is January.  I keep it until Christmas.  I just found some great clearance toys at Target for my nieces.  Boom.  Holiday shopping almost done.  It feels good to pace it out, and just save money.  Especially when you have 8 nieces and nephews and your own little bambino on the way.

DH thinks all of my organization is nuts, until it comes in handy.  Which is usually daily:)

What are some of your daily tips and tricks to help organize your family?!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Reception Details!

Our reception was incredible.  Yes I am biased, but our wedding planner and I put a lot of thought into each and every detail.

I bought a card box off of etsy, and had an instagram sign made.  The large frame is our guest book. 

I had a designer make a vintage chart of Chicago's harbor for us for our guest book.  Everyone signed it, and it has our new last name at the bottom in flag code. 

Place Cards

More detail of the Card Box and Instagram #

We used KLA designs for our flowers.  Love them!

We had Amy Beck design our cake.  It was incredible!

We rented every piece of furniture for our reception.  This was one small gathering area for folks.  One niece was passed out on that couch by the end of the night!

Some tables were farm tables.  This was the head table. 

My seat and the menu!

I love the variety.  KLA and the wedding planner.  Wow.  Just wow. 

Our linens were from La Tavola.  Such a great selection.

I am so happy how everything turned out.  Just so beautiful!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Catch Up!

Its been busy the past two weeks.  Between trying to see friends, keeping up with small house projects, and morning sickness (back with a vengeance), its been nuts!

I have hosted a brunch at my house, ventured downtown a few nights for dinner with the girls, spent time with family to see my cute nieces from NYC, and spruced up some items around the house.

Making a house a home is no joke!  We installed all new lights, address signs, did more gardening, etc.  Now we just have to finish the office, and start on the baby's room while I still feel great!!

Summer nights on the Chicago River.  I love this city!

Dinner at Siena Tavern. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it! I had the linguine with lobster.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Photo Tour

One big part of our Chicago wedding was to take some incredible pictures with our wedding party downtown.  Our ceremony and reception were both downtown, and we wanted some landmark pictures!  Our photographer obliged, and she led the way.  Only downside was the day was chilly, and 25 degrees was welcoming at some points!

I love this photo so much.  It was our Christmas card picture this year!

State Street Bridge!

Michigan Ave

Art Institute Lions



Me and my girls!

I love this photo.  I made it into a canvas for our home!
Were there any photo must haves on your day?  We just wanted to reflect the city we love:)