Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Traditions!

Holiday traditions have always been pretty sporadic for me being Active Duty.  I have realized that for the past 5 holidays, I have always gotten Mike an ornament.  So, boom, a tradition.  I got him one this year too.  Perfect for our first tree!!

The past 5 years!
2010 I spent the holiday with my middle brother's family in Chicago.  Mike and I just started dating.
2011 I spent with Mike and his family.  I flew in from Newport, RI
2012 I spent out at sea.  It was terrible.  No mail for over a month.  We literally celebrated in January
2013 I spent with Mike, he proposed that week!  I flew in from Jacksonville, FL
2014 I spent with Mike.  Our first Christmas as husband and wife!  I flew in from Jacksonville, FL
2015 I am spending with Mike, his family, and my family.  Yay for finally living in Chicago again!

We are starting a new tradition this year regarding gifts.  I know that gift giving can be stressful.  We also try to do little things for each other.  Making a favorite meal, surprise flowers, greeting cards with a special note, etc.

Our gifts are now broken into categories.  We did it this way to make it easier on us, and for when our princess arrives.  We would rather have experiences than a house full of things.

We broke it down to an item we want, need, wear, and read.  Simple enough right?

The wants are items that aren't necessarily practical.  I want a cleaning lady.  He wants a video game.

The needs are items that are practical such as an art kit, or accessory for a computer, etc.

The wear are items such as clothing, jewelry, perfume.

The read are items like books, or magazine subscriptions.

I wish I had thought about this sooner.  I kind of want to do this for my nieces and nephews bc shopping for them is a huge headache.  I never know what they want.  EVER.  So I just buy them stuff, that they probably don't want, need, wear, or read.  Eh.  I think Mike and I gave each other fair lists this year, and I look forward to doing this for our princess next year.  That way I am not buying her 30 outfits for Christmas.  :)

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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  1. I love the category idea!! That would definitely make my shopping a lot easier.


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