Monday, May 13, 2013

Port Call Series: Menorca, Spain!

Our first port call of the deployment was a visit to a Spanish Island in the Mediterranean, Menorca.  It was a nice break after crossing the Atlantic.  I was able to go out the first evening, July 3rd, grab some tapas and some sangria with the other Department Heads.  There was something about the local food, it was so simple and good!  The second day, (July 4th) I went on a tour of the island, and was able to see some fishing villages, mountains, and an impressive fortress called La Mola.  After the tour, I went to a wardroom function.  We had dinner with some Navy League folks from Madrid, and the Commanding Officer of the Naval Base in Menorca.  It was an amazing dinner of gazpacho and prawns, lobster stew, cod, and assorted chocolates for dessert. I had duty on the 5th.  It was one long day!  We hosted a reception onboard, since this port has such significant history with our ship's name.  Admiral Farragut's family is from Menorca, so there were many activities during this port.  His birthday was July 5th, so yesterday was full of celebrations all around the island.  I also learned that US Naval Academy Midshipmen trained on Menorca for about 40 years during their Plebe summers.  One other fun fact, mayonnaise was invented here.  Who knew that one small island was full of such rich British, American, and Spanish history!

US Navy Cemetary in Menorca. US Navy File Photo 

US and Spanish Color Guard. US Navy File Photo

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