Monday, February 3, 2014

Date Night: 5 Valentines Day Date Ideas

I am not that "big" on Valentine's day.  I feel that you should celebrate your love more than one time a year, but..I will go out of my way to do something special for the one I love!

So here are some great date ideas for you and that special person:

1. Dinner and the Opera/Show.  I know.  Sounds crazy!  I took my guy to a great steak house and to the Opera 3 years ago for Valentine's Day (we celebrated on the 15th, because we both had to work on the 14th).  One bonus, it was cheaper!  Less hype!  I got the opera tix on groupon, and it was $150 total, and dinner was about $150 at a great Chicago steakhouse.  Yes, $300.  But honestly, worth every penny.

2. Cook at home.  Make your guys favorite dinner.  If I came home and made him meatloaf, he would be ecstatic.  Cooking your guy their favorite meal is showing love all in itself.  Plus dessert.  Can't forget dessert.  I would go with gelato, or chocolate covered strawberries!  Yumm. 

3. Movie night.  Watch your favorite movie together.  Take out, movie, couch, blankets...candles.  Can't go wrong!

4. Have a "Ferris Buellers Day Off" in your city.  Make a day of it.  Go to your favorite sights, restaurants, coffee house, etc.  One of my favorite dates was at 11 am waiting in line at Hot Dougs in Chicago!

5. Wine and Cheese tasting at home.  Find some good vino at Binny's, Whole Foods, etc, and try new things.  Make sure you have a fall back, and buy stuff you know you already like.  No one likes crappy wine on their date night. 

I am fairly certain #3 has already won for this year's date night! 
I can't wait!

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