Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How To: 5 Tips to Staying Organized

One must be extremely organized in my line of work.  From calendars, to other schedules, to balancing everything, you have to be organized. Sink or swim.

1.  Be organized at home.  In every area.  From cleaning under the kitchen sink so you don't end up with 15 bottles of soap because you "never" seem to have enough, to the bathroom sink before you end up with 7 boxes of bandaids.  This has clearly never happened to me. My organization helps me stay sane, helps me keep only what I need...and leads into number 2.

2.  40 bags in 40 days.  I do this every year.  It helps so much!  From cleaning out the closet, to getting rid of some books that someone else could read, I stay more organized getting the clutter out in my life.  I am looking forward to this project this year.  I have a storage unit full of stuff.  I moved from a 2 bedroom, gorgeous house, to a 1 bedroom apt.  Needless to say, a little purging never hurt anyone.  Plus, I have to combine forces with the fiancĂ© in the next year.  Let's just hope I can convince him to do the 40 bags deal.  That club shirt from 1997 needs to go.  Now:)

3.  Have set spot for everything.  I have a desk in my apt, and there are specific things that just "stay" there.  From my address book, to my budget/bills, to grocery lists...they all just "stay" there.  They don't walk off.  But then again, my apt is so small, if it walked off I only have 800 square feet of bliss to find it again! 

4.  Be clean.  You can't be organized if your work space or house is dirty/messy.  I have a list of how to clean/what to clean each day.  It is similar to this one.  Obviously with my work schedule that is about impossible to accomplish.  Working 80+ hours a week doesn't leave much time for the nitty gritty.  Here comes the cleaning service!  I just started using one 1 time a month, to do deep cleaning.  That way, when I come home on a Friday, I am not overwhelmed with chores.  I can relax.  I can enjoy the weekend.  I found my most recent cleaning service in Jax on Angies List.  Very happy with them!

5.  Lists.  Have a to do list.  Try to get that list done, and carry over what you did not accomplish today, to the next day.  It doesn't have to be overwhelming.  I do this a lot at work.  I just need to be better about it at home! 

What is your favorite organizational tip?!?

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  1. Yes, Yes and YES! I am an organizational freak! Moving certainly helped, as I was able to de-clutter big time. But it's nice to have a specific spot for everything.


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