Monday, September 28, 2015

It Has Been A While..

So life has been busy, not so busy, and everything in between.  I swear pregnancy makes you want to clean the house top to bottom one day not stopping, and just lie in bed for hours on others.  Baby girl is all over my sciatic nerve right now, which makes certain activities...interesting.  Walking the pups is a walk in the park, literally, or a pain in my ass.  Literally.

I have been finishing rooms in the house, pondering how to decorate a nursery, and cooking up a storm.  Trying new recipes has always been a fav of mine.  But I have been "killing" it lately.  Hehe.

I had a great weekend too.  Not just one of those, "I did a million things and let me instagram all about it" kind of weekends.  A weekend of just seeing girl friends, and spending all day Saturday and Sunday with my dear husband.  We did so much for each other, and just enjoyed each others company so much.  Have you ever had a weekend where you felt so much love? Yep.  That was this weekend.

Here are a few photos to tide you over.

I make some delicious enchiladas.  

Marianos had $5 bouquets.  Who turns that down?

Dinner at date night.  So good.  Thank you Cafe Touche!

Date night.  24 weeks.  

Friday night with my lovelies.  

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