Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Traditions...

I am linking up with Meghan today for her favorite summer traditions!

1. Festivals.  We all know I love St. Mike's Fest, and all of the other festivals.  Can we say Sausage Fest this weekend?

2. Running on the Lake.  I couldn't run outside all winter, so I love good running weather!

3. Rainbow Cone, Bobtail, Gelato.  Ice cream in general.  Just another excuse to go for a walk on a nice summer night!

4. BBQ.  I love to grill on my rooftop deck!

I am the grill master:)

5. Fresh Fruits and Veggies.  Love getting these delivered from FreshPicks!  Looking forward to starting up my orders again.

Fresh fruits and veggies delivered to your front door, all organic, from the Midwest.  Amazing:)  I wrote a few posts about it when I started my blog last September.


  1. BBQ's and gelato are definetely some of the best things about Summer!

  2. Thanks for linking up! My friend just sent me an email about going to Sausage Fest this weekend! It looks amazing!


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