Monday, June 27, 2011

The Weekend in Review..

To sum up this past weekend:

  • Chicken Hut.  Got to eat.  Yum.
  • New Wardrobe @ the Gap  Can't say no to new clothes.  Especially when they are 40+% off.
  • Sleep, lots of sleep.  Work was crazy this past week.  Vacation is on the horizon.  Literally. 
  • Chicago Cares project, cooked breakfast for Seniors.  Had an 80 y/o man flirt with me.  Had to shut him down.  Nicely, of course:)
  • Trader Joes needed some yuppie snacks and wine.  Can always use more wine.  Oh, and flowers.
  • Sushi, Wine, and Drinks
  • Laundry.  My apt was a hot mess. 
  • Organizing. Been keeping an updated binder for all my magazine articles.  Everything from reviews of products, to recipes, to work out routines. 
  • Dog walking.  Spending quality time with my girl. 
  • Pride.  Had a few drinks @ Bridgets, and enjoyed the revelry. 

    My $4 Trader Joes Investment.  I make fantastic arrangements!
    My girl.  Gotta love that face. 


  1. I volunteer with Chicago Cares, too! I usually play bingo at the Lakeview Senior Center!

    Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. your life sounds so amazing. i love your blog!!


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