Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 More Months...

I realized today that I only have 2 more months here at my job.  Wow!  Time is flying, and I have to get my act together.  I should have my move scheduled today, and I will start my packing lists.  Moving is such a pain in the butt!  I am excited for my next step, but sad to leave the people I love back here in Chicago.  I had the best Memorial Day weekend (will write about it soon, I promise!), and I want more weekends like that:)  This weekend should be a close second, since I get to celebrate my guy's 35th bday. 

I am going to miss this place, and definitely need to finish up my "bucket list".  I have been doing quite well on it, and making the most of every day.  Now I need to hunker down, and pack, because I will be living out of a suitcase/car for over a year.  What a thought.  Anyone ever do this and have any ideas? Suggestions?  I am glad I am good at the 30 in 30, because I won't be able to have a lot of clothes, and will definitely be making a few trips to Goodwill.


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  1. Where are you headed??? Chicago will miss you!


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