Thursday, May 10, 2012

Farewell to the Ocean State

It is that time to say goodbye to Rhode Island.  Time has surely flown by since my post in October.

It has been fun.  I have seen the sights, eaten great seafood, made great friendships.

I was able to host friends visiting, make brunch for friends, have District 9 (aka barracks) dinners, walk Bella on the ocean, sing karaoke at Celtica, savor food and drink at White Horse Tavern, enjoy burgers at Pour Judgement, the typical pumpkin beer at Coddingtons, amazing seafood at Scales and Shells, the list goes on.

I hope to visit again, and perhaps buy a timeshare here.  I loved living in Newport.  I wish I had visited more of the New England area while here, but school kept me rather busy.

Onto my next adventure, the next state.


  1. Hy sweetie! lovely post, maybe we can follow each other? Kisses

  2. we miss you already... safe travels!


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