Monday, December 30, 2013

A Magical Chicago Christmas!!

So the past 10 days have been a whirlwind.  Family, friends, name it!

Let us start where the journey began on December 20th!

I had a tough week at work that week, and I was so excited to go home.  My flight was delayed (par for the course), and I was just so pumped to see my baby.  I got home around 8pm, and he picked me up at O'Hare, and we headed out to our favorite Sushi restaurant.  We had our usual dinner, some wine, and just had the best conversation. 

As we walked in the door, I noticed that the house smelled amazing.  Way better than usual.  That is when I noticed this waiting for me in the kitchen!

That is right ladies.  Roses.  Not just a dozen, but 100.  The smell is intoxicating.  There was also a beautiful love letter on the table.

As I was trying to take all of this in, I was summoned into the Living Room by my guy.

He told me to take a look at his Christmas tree.

I looked at his tree, and said, "nice".  I cleary did NOT see what he wanted me to see, as I had just taken off my glasses.  I went back in the kitchen, put my glasses on, and looked again. 

I may or may not have pointed, and screamed, and the engagement ring sitting on the branch at the top!  I was stunned, and crying tears of joy as my boyfriend put the ring on my hand, and asked me to marry him. 

Perfect proposal.  Just us.  In our house, with our pup (only 1 of em, the other stayed in FL), in our city.

I couldn't be happier.  Stay tuned for more posts from my trip!!

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  1. awwww!!!! congrats to you both!!!! kudos to your fiancé for a sweet and special way of proposing :) a Christmas time engagement ,sounds perfect to me :)


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