Thursday, March 26, 2015

Did You Know???

That March is Women's History Month?

Being in the Navy, we always have celebrations, and remember the women who paved the way for us today.  I am lucky enough to have been a member of SSLA, and have gone to many symposiums in the past 11 years of my service.  I also met someone who inspired me to stay in the Navy, when I really wanted to get out.  Admiral Lisa Franchetti.  She was at one of these symposiums, and made it seem possible to have a career, and a life.  After I met her, I got my Bella, and even started dating my now, husband.  Between getting Bella and meeting Mike, I decided to continue my contract with the Navy.  It was a tough decision, but easier knowing that people like Admiral Franchetti did it, and she was successful.  It can get discouraging in my line of work, to see people that "do it all".  It is hard.  Many, many days away from home.

I did, however, decide this past summer to leave.  It was a tough decision, too.  The Navy was what I knew.  However, I married my best friend, and I knew I had to go into the Reserves to be with him.

This website has great information on Women's History Month.  Take a look at it, and remember the women who founded the Red Cross, ended suffrage, served in the armed forces, etc.

Who has influenced you?!?


  1. Yay women!!! Never a bad time to celebrate

    1. Exactly. Looking forward to celebrating with my Navy bff this weekend! She is an excellent doctor at Walter Reed. Need more people like her!


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