Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Brunch

Well folks..another successful brunch in the books!  I didn't do my all out fancy brunch, but something simple to start our day!  I loved being able to do something nice for my mother in law, especially since we have lived with her for the past 6 weeks while we renovate our house!

I made petite crust-less quiche, banana bread, and had mixed fruit to the mix.  I love using SkinnyTaste recipes-especially so I can lighten up some oldie but goodies!

Banana Bread right out of the oven! 

Look at that plate!  So delicious!


  1. That food looks divine!!! SkinnyTaste is the best, isn't it?! I'm loving her variety of recipes.

    1. I love the site so much. I can make an excellent meal for my family, and not worry about it being awful. The petite quiches and the bread were just a perfect pairing, and so healthy!


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