Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Falling for Chicago!

Well for one, I am just like 90% of the other girls in the world that just love fall.  I love the colors, and smell..everything.

Sights: Every City Park.  Omg.  I just drive down Devon Ave between Milwaukee and Caldwell and feel like I am in the country.  The Forest Preserve provides some amazing color!

Smells: Leaves burning.  Illegally, but burning.  Pumpkin everything, or just whatever I am making in my kitchen.  Usually involving apples.  Lots and Lots of apples.  I get more motivated to bake in the fall.  I bake 1 time a week, at least, and have DH bring in stuff to work.  We keep one of each for us.  The rest goes to the guys and gals!

Eats: Trying out new recipes/restaurants.  I have made stuffed acorn squash, chili, and about to make some great barley soup.  It is an excuse to cook more of the "comfort foods".  I try to slim em down with some skinny taste recipes.  I also grab 1 good coffee a week.  Just 1.  I can't afford that Starbucks PSL habit.  But I can have 1 carmel apple spice, PSL, or Toasted Graham Cracker latte. Yesss.
Some of the new restaurants are Smoque, Smak Tak, and XOCO.  BBQ, Polish, and of course, Rick Bayless' own restaurant.

Churros and Chocolate at XOCO

Things to do: Apple Picking!  We just did this, and I thought my husband was going to hate it.  He loved it.  Maybe because we went to a nearby brewery afterwards?  Eh, either way, it was fun!
Pumpkin patch/hayride (usually with apple picking)
College football!  We traveled to Champaign, IL to see my beloved ILLINI play!
Oktoberfests.  Many at local parishes.  St. Alphonsus throws a big festival.

What do you love about fall in your city?


  1. I love Chicago but usually am there for the Christmas celebrations in December - and we're going this year and I can't wait!

    Illini fan huh? We're Mizzou fans and have good friends who swear by the Illini and hate it when we post Mizzou stuff. Good luck to both teams!

    Stopping by from the link up!

    1. Thanks! December is a great time, too. I love downtown. The decor, the carolers, everything! Big ILLINI fan. So happy I got to go to homecoming this year. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. All of this sounds amazing!! Do you have a recipe for the stuffed squash? That sounds delicious. All of the leaves are so pretty! I definitely miss foliage down here in SC :)

    1. Thanks! I actually have the stuffed squash post coming up this week on the blog. It is so good, and healthy. I mean I found it in prevention magazine. That has to count, right?!

  3. Love the smell of burning in the Fall. I too bake more during this time. Baking in my kitchen in the Summer is a nightmare!!!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! My firemen neighbors burn leaves all the time. I love the smell, but it drives the "non-firemen" people nuts. Hehe.
      Just baked an apple pie today. Best recipe ever. Will put it up soon:)

  4. Apple picking and then a brewery sounds PERFECT to me! Seriously, fall is the best ;) Thank you so much for linking up with us!

    1. It was the best day. Just a nice weekday where it wasn't overly crowded and we got to do fun stuff. Thanks for hosting!!

  5. what an amazing Fall you are having!!

    i miss chicago's Fall since moving down here to NC.

    i went to st alphonsus' oktoberfest last year,what fun!!


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