Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Saving $$

So lately, I have realized I need to mainstream things in our life.  Save money, get organized, etc.

I have a method to my madness, and it is pretty awesome.  I have found a few websites that have been very helpful during my save $$ quest.  I really got motivated because I want life to be as easy as possible before the baby arrives shortly.

Do you shop at Target?  And love it?  I know I do.  I downloaded the Cartwheel app a few months ago.  I have saved almost $100 using it over the past 6 months.  I use the app, combined with coupons, and look at the sale paper via the following websites Target Fanatic and The Couponing Couple.  This way I know what the best deals are, and can plan out a logical trip to the store.  I usually save 25-45% off my entire bill, and get some gift cards in return.  I am saving those up for holiday gifts.

Do you shop at ALDI?  Er my gerd.  I used to think it was not worth my time.  I take my grocery list, shop there, and find what I need.  Anything they don't carry, I go to Jewel/Marianos.  I bought a weeks worth of groceries there for about $30 the other day.  All fresh.  All organic.  Just good food.  Bring 25 cents for a cart and some reusable bags!

Do you Shopkick?  Ibotta?  I use these two apps.  While I troll through the aisles of Target, I scan items via shopkick and get rebates via Ibotta.  So awesome.  Why have I not done this before?  I make money just because I am out of my house and shopping?  Yep.  I sure do.

Needless to say, between groceries and stocking up on items at Target every week, I spend about $150.  3 meals a day for my husband and I, that are almost entirely organic and made from scratch.   That is on groceries, soaps, etc (and yes, even diapers when they are on sale at Target!!).

So what are your secrets on saving money?  Any helpful websites?


  1. We do not have Aldi down here, but I am allllll about the Cartwheel app and saving 5% with my redcard :)

    1. I sadly do not have a REDCARD. But after DH saw our bank statement, he is onboard on me getting one. I go to Target 4-8 times a month. I think it is totally worth it!


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