Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

What is Memorial Day?  I think many folks think of it as that awesome 3 day weekend as the start of summer.  I mean, that is what I thought when I was a kid.  Until my dad would take me to the cemetery to put American Flags on my uncle's grave.  He was a Navy Captain, and we would always go to pay our respects.  He was a Navy Chaplain, and baptized me many years ago. 

People have been celebrating Memorial Day ever since the end of the Civil War.  It hit me yesterday when I drove along the parade route on State Street in downtown Chicago.  The Parade was getting set up a few hours beforehand, and I saw that the city was going to recognize the Gold Star families.  According to this news story, there were 23 service men and women from Illinois who were killed in action this past year. 

I always think of my fellow Sailors on Memorial Day.  People I know, and people I never even met.  One of my biggest inspirations in life is LT Michael Murphy.  He served as a Navy SEAL, and lost his life trying to save his team.  Only one man survived, Marcus Luttrell.  He wrote a book about his ordeal and about how LT Murphy tried to save his life, and the lives of the other men on his team.  The Navy just recently christened a ship in his name. 


I know I have written other posts about LT Murphy, and Marcus Luttrell.  Talking about people who put Honor, Courage, and Commitment first and foremost in their lives. 

Who are you thinking about this Memorial Day?

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