Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buying American Made..

I wrote this post last month...and I have stuck to most of my buying American practices this holiday season. 

I got my boyfriend an American made tie at a local clothing shop, along with some art work from ETSY.  I love the etsy shop I bought the print from..I bought a print for myself too!

I got one niece a handmade bag, and an art kit from a local shop in Newport. 

I got my infant niece made in the USA onsies, as well as handmade ABC blocks.

I also purchased a family game for my niece and nephew..Presidents of the United States.  I stuck with handmade, and educational gifts for the most part, and to be honest, it wasn't hard.  A lot of folks think it is difficult to by just have to look at a label and do research.  Seeing how awful unemployment is in Rhode Island, I couldn't think of going any other route. 

CNN just did an expose on this today, like it is a "new" idea.  I love the idea of supporting local shop owners, and trust me, they love the business.  I am residing in a resort town right now, and any business is great for these folks. 

Some of the Newport area shops that make "handmade" include: 

Alex and Ani, amazing jewelry and bangles
Style Newport, nautical jewelry.  The owner is amazing, and extremely helpful!
Only in Rhode Island.  Food, you name it from Rhode Island.  I sent a box of goodies to my family..ranging from chowder from the Black Pearl, to soy candles. 
Resails.  A store that uses old sails to make bags, etc. 
Scrimshanders.  Scrimshaw and other artisan finds. 
Art on the Wharf.  I got a few paintings here from the artist, Anthony Gill.  Amazing sea scapes..

I am hoping to add to this list soon.  I am drawing a blank on some of the stores, but just off the top of my head, this isn't too bad!  Do you have a favorite "buy American" store or gift?

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