Friday, December 2, 2011

Finding Inspiration.

This week has been pretty long.  Quiz, Test, Quiz, etc.  Just a lot of knowledge, to prepare us to fight out in the fleet once again.  I have been in class so many hours each day, trying to get it down. 

My class is tired, a bit demoralized, and ready for the holidays.  Today, after a trainer, a few of us walked through one of the hallways of our schoolhouse.  We found a Hall of Heroes.  It had the names of everyone in our line of work, Surface Warfare Officers, who were killed in the Pentagon on 9-11.  We walked to each picture, looked at their lives, read a book about what their mothers, wives, children, friends, and shipmates said about them.  As we looked at a poster that has the names of all of the Sailors killed in the Pentagon on 9-11, I told my friends the story about Bernard Brown.   We all looked at each other, said we should come down to this hallway more often, and then went back up to our classroom and studied.

I took a break tonight to relax, enjoy a nice dinner, and sit with my pup.  I then found a movie on NETFLIX that I have been meaning to watch, Restrepo. What a brilliant documentary.  If you ever get a chance, to just sit down and watch is an hour and a half you will enjoy.  Just seeing what this platoon did, went through, and still is going through, makes me realize why I am doing what I am doing.  I am studying to become a better leader.  I hope my classmates and I can continue to help each other, learn, and decompress with each other.  I know this time in school is definitely tough, but I am so lucky and appreciative of the friendships I am making.  Proud to be here, and proud to serve.


  1. restrepo was awesome, but i am glad i watched it when hubby was home. it was intense and emotional (and inspiring)...but right now i am staying away from all romantic films and all war-related films for my own self preservation.

  2. I can definitely agree with that! I just had an awful SWO day, so I had to watch something to make me not so upset at being a SWO. If I find any good movies on NETFLIX that aren't completely emotional like this one, I will be sure to share:)


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