Friday, December 23, 2011

Inspiration for the Week..

I heard this story a few years ago, when a small town in Illinois reached out for a toddler with cancer.  The people in town did some amazing things, to give this little boy a Christmas.  They decorated their houses, in the fall, to ensure that Dax, who enjoyed those lights so much, could enjoy it.  Dax Locke passed away a few days after Christmas in 2009.  His parents are huge advocates for St. Judes hospital, and are currently raising money to run the hospital for one day.  It costs millions of dollars to keep that hospital running, and they do amazing work for little kids!

You can get to the webpage here, which also has previews for the movie made in Dax's memory. 
Here is the link to his momma's caringbridge site for him. Julie still updates it on her family, and more fundraising for St. Judes. 

This is one Christmas story I will never forget.  If you missed the movie on GMC, the DVD will be out next year.  I don't have cable, or a tv right now, so I am looking forward to seeing it. 

I sometimes get down at this time of the year, because of many reasons..reading a story like this makes me realize I need to appreciate what I have, love who I have in my life,  and continue to love and remember those I have lost. 

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