Saturday, March 30, 2013


So..yesterday was the day that my ship sailed back to America.  We aren't in our homeport, but we had to make a stop in Virginia to do some work.  Then, we set sail to Florida for our "real" homecoming!

The day started like any other, with reville, and the morning wake up song.  The Officer of the Deck played some of Boss' "Born in the USA", and got the day going.  The electricity was in the air.  9.5 months of deployment down..and the crew was giddy.  I was lucky, I had my family waiting for me on the pier, and I got to see them after my work was done for the day.  They took me out for some good 'ol American BBQ, and a beer.  Nothing like being back in America.  Eating good food, being around people that speak English, seeing trees, grass-you name it.  What an amazing feeling.

I have the duty blues today, and will make the most of my day so I can enjoy Easter with my family tomorrow.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we finish this last week of deployment strong.  It isn't over until we get back "home"!
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  1. ahhh yay for homecoming!! hope it is wonderful!! :)


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