Saturday, September 7, 2013

Neighborhood Highlights: Atlantic Beach Florida

This past weekend I went out and about to explore the area.  I hung out mostly in Atlantic Beach, which is near Naval Station Mayport. 

Some highlights:
Poe's Tavern.  Such a gem.  Really like this place. 
Culhane's Irish Pub.  Great food, great atmosphere.

There are a ton of great shops and restaurants I want to go to in the future.  Mostly I just walked around on Labor day, and took great photos for my photography class.  Most days I can't believe I live in Florida.  Gorgeous sun, great places to go.  Now if that whole work thing didn't always get in the way...

Me @ Poe's Tavern

Great part about Poe's, they make half pints!
Local haunts

Main drag

Walkway to the Beach



Lemon Bar

Pete's Bar

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