Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Decor!

Many of you have seen my post "All Settled" where I wrote about my new apartment in Jacksonville, Florida.  I still had a few more pieces of art work at Michaels getting framed.  Here they are! 

I purchased the Pineapple print from the Third and Elm Press.  It is owned and operated by a sweet woman, named Mrs. Nesbitt.  I bought this print and other cards from her at her shop. 

The other two prints I purchased from a local Newport artist by the name of Anthony Gill.  His shop is located in Bannister's Wharf

I absolutely love these three pieces, and they embody Newport to the fullest.  The pineapple is a major symbol of hospitality, especially on the East Coast.  The other two pieces show the Newport Pell Bridge and the lighthouse, as well as Bannister's Wharf, two prominent locations in town.  I really want to visit Newport more often, perhaps even purchase a home or a time share there.  Dreams...dreams. :)

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