Friday, March 7, 2014

Port Call Series: Muscat, Oman

When I was in Muscat, I was fortunate to have a female liberty buddy, a nurse TAD to FARRAGUT. 
We went to the Hotel Intercontinental the first day, and had a spa day.  We explored the souk, which is     known as the Muttrah Souk-one of the oldest in the world.  I bought some Pashminas, as well as Frankinsense and Myrrh.  Frankincense is from Oman, so we saw it everywhere.  We ate dinner at Mumtaz Mahal, a wonderful Indian restaurant.  The food was incredible, but the snake coffee after dinner was the real treat!

The second day I relaxed onboard the ship and caught up with some work. I went out with all of the Department Heads for some lunch, followed by a formal dinner at a Chinese Restaurant.  Combined Task Force 151 was embarked onboard USS Farragut, so we were formally invited to a dinner
with our Pakistani counterparts, as well as their Ambassador.  It was a nice meal, with good coversation, off the ship!

The last day, I went to the "Grand Canyon" of Oman.  It was about 3 hours away from Muscat, with a drive through the desert.  We saw the canyon, ate a picnic lunch, and were pestered by many mountain goats.
After the tour, we went to the souk again, and received a full demonstration on how Pashminas are made from goats in Kashmir.  It was a very interesting display, and I caved and bought two more.  After the
souk, we went to Trader Vics to grab our "last meal".  I had a great filet, and our seats were amazing.  Sea side at the Intercontinental, can't beat it!

Souq.  Amazing lights!

Spice Markets. My favorite!

Mumtaz.  Great entertainment.

Amazing Coffee!

My roomie and me!


Goats.  Everywhere.



  1. That's so beautiful! I have a friend that's from the Middle East and he visits often, and shows me picture! Cheers for having such a good time, thanks for sharing!!

  2. What an amazing opportunity! I'm always amazed by people's various travels to the Middle East and hope that one day I can make it myself.

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