Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Party

I went home a few weeks ago to look at venues, and have a party to celebrate with family and friends.  Since I am a "geobachelor" in Military speak, I don't live in Chicago with my fiance.  Living in Florida has its perks, but I'd rather be at home!

I had so much fun at home.  It was a whirlwind weekend.  I flew home on Valentine's Day, and to celebrate, we had take out, wine, and I was hoping one of his gifts would arrive on time.  The chocolate covered strawberries arrived the next day:(  Mother nature had other ideas for on time delivery, but you can't cry over spilled milk!

Saturday we got up early, and met with our wedding planner.  We looked at a lot of amazing venues, and we picked one this past week!  After a long day planning, we met up with family and friends at Curragh, in Chicago.  I think the party was a taste of how the wedding will be.  Quick, fun, and end the night exhausted and hungry!

Sunday we had brunch with one of my besties, and then I took off to Florida.  Unfortunately, my flight was cancelled.  Some may say fortunately...but I really needed to get back to work!  We had a lot going on, and I missed being with my Sailors fixing some very important gear.

Enjoy some pics from the party and the weekend!
High School ladies.  MHS for life!

2 out of 4 bridesmaids.  Love all my ladies!

4 of 5 kids.  Love my family!  

Me n my guy!

Better late than never!


  1. Aww looks like such a fun party!! So are you getting married in Chicago or Florida? If in Chicago, where? I live in the city! If you want to meet up some time I'd love to grab drinks! :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. Mary, We are getting married in Chicago this fall. We live on the North side..he is a cop:)
      I def would love to meet up when I move back!!


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