Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Drink To Make Other People More Interesting

No truer words ever spoken-Ernest Hemingway.

So this is part two of my Key West trip.  I had a great time there, and had an extra, unexpected day there.  We started out the day at Havana for breakfast.  Amazing crab cakes benedict. 

We walked around, did the touristy stuff, like walk by Hemingway's house, looked at the "buoy"..and walked back to the ship.  We almost set sail again, and..surprise!! An extra day in port!

The guys and I went out and about, and walked around Bahama Village.  We heard that was where you get the best food, and man-were they right!  We literally stumbled into one of the best restaurants, Blue Heaven.  Amazing live music, great food, and roosters everywhere.  Yes, I said it, roosters.  Apparently roosters are protected and kind of a big deal in Key West.  They provided great entertainment during dinner. 

After our dinner at Blue Heaven, we went to a cigar bar.  I had some amazing coconut ale, a cigar, and just relaxed.  It was a great time on the island!!

Breakfast at Havana

Roosters aplenty

Me being a nut!

I love the Keys!

Dinner at Blue Heaven

Famous Key Lime Pie

Cigars with the girls.  Such an amazing garden we hung out at!


  1. I've always wanted to go to Key West! We were in Key Largo for a wedding a few years ago but we were just in for the weekend and didn't have time to make the drive. But it sounds so lovely - and full of good food!

  2. I've been wanting to go to Key West!! We've done a FL trip almost every year of my life but still haven't made it to the keys. Love all of your pictures, especially the one at the point, so cool!


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