Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: How We Met

I still can't believe I met my guy 4 years ago!  Seems like yesterday.

May 7th, 2010 I travelled to VA to hang out with my Matron of Honor.  I had lived in Norfolk, VA for years, and I went to visit her and attend a retirement ceremony for my former boss.  It was a great weekend!  May 8th, we went to wine fest..a standard tradition.  I received a phone call from Chicago, but missed it.  It was a call from a guy I met on EHarmony.  I was pretty stoked.  He was cute, and seemed sweet.  I made sure I called him Monday when I got home from my trip.  I mean, I was at wine fest! 

We talked for hours each day that week.  Talked a lot.  I finally asked him when his next day off was, and he said Sunday.  So I naturally asked him to meet me for a drink on Sunday.  May 16th.  2010.  That was the day we finally met!

I carefully picked out my outfit. Jcrew Jeans, Gap long sleeved Pink shirt, Jcrew black open cardigan, cute jewelry and black ballet flats.  I walked to Wilde, one of my fav bars in the neighborhood.  I was so nervous.  And we almost walked in at the same time.  We sat at the bar, drinking Magners, what seemed like minutes, but was almost 4 hours.  I had to work the next day, so he drove me home.  A whole two blocks, but was 11pm.  I didn't want the night to end.  I really didn't.  I was so nervous, but I thanked him for the ride home, and gave him a quick kiss..and ran up to my apt.  I had so many butterflies.  I wondered when..or if he would call me again!

I went to work the next day, and of course my Maid of Honor grilled me with 20 questions.  I was on cloud nine.  It got even better when I got a text from him that afternoon, saying he had a great time, and wanted to see me soon!  I was looking forward to our next date.  We went to Goose Island, and I watched more of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Playoffs, than him. :(  At least he learned I was a sports nut then.  No need to keep that a secret!  It was still a great date.  The third date was sushi..and I think after that we officially became "we".  We always had our date nights..always had our long conversations. 

I was scared to death to move in August of 2011..but I had to for work.  Luckily for me, he was patient.  He was kind, and we made visits a priority.  He saw me in Newport, Philly, Florida, Germany...I went to Chicago.  A lot.  And as fate would have it, on one of those trips back home..Dec 20, best friend asked me to marry him.  4 years down...many more to go!

Bears vs Packers.  MNF 2010. 

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