Monday, April 20, 2015


So was anyone else crazy like me to get up super early to shop online or in the stores?  I went online, and had my faves in my cart in about 2 seconds.  Then the site crashed, and all my wonderful items I loved were gone.


I did, however, get a pair of these


Did anyone else experience this Lilly hell?  I thought I was a shoe in for the flip flops I pun intended.  Just ended up being an epic fail, and some frustration.  Right now I will just drink my Sunday morning coffee, do my laundry, and relax.


  1. The Lilly madness was CRAZY!! I got there 15 minutes early and still got nothing, but it was totally worth it just to people watch! I LOVE those flats you got. Share more photos soon and I can live vicariously :)

    1. Hehe. Yes. #LillyforTarget was a painful memory of the weekend. Looking forward to getting my shipments!


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