Thursday, April 16, 2015

Minimum What?

I have seen many articles over the past few months concerning raising minimum wage.  Some of these offer valid points, and many just really get to me.  Read the whole entry, the snarky cartoons, and the links. Trust me, you will learn a lot about the "new" minimum wage.

$15 an hour?  Seriously?

That is almost $30,000 a year.  Do you know how much money a Navy E-3 makes out of bootcamp?

$21,890 a year.  Do you know what this Sailor does all day?  They are a jack of all trades.  They paint.  The conduct underway replenishments.  They stand watch.  They work more than an 8 hour day, every day, and this is what they make.  Yes.  They get medical insurance, dental insurance, a roof over their head (also known as their rack on a ship).  But they bust their hump to make that $21,890 a year.

A Navy E-5 with 4 to 5 years of work experience makes about $15 an hour.  This is a Sailor who has schooling, experience, usually 1 to 2 deployments under their belt.

I am all for fair pay, if there is fair work behind it.  I think that education is key, and that everyone has to be their own advocate.  Life gets in the way, I know.  Everyone has to fight for themselves to get what they want in life, and out of life.


I have a few links that go to stories on the minimum wage hike.  Take a look, form your own educated opinion.  I am just peeved over the sense of entitlement with today's youth.  I saw it every day while in the Navy, and I am sure I will continue to see it as a Reservist, and a Civilian.

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What are your thoughts?

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