Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: The Ceremony

Our wedding ceremony was at Assumption Catholic Church in Chicago.  We had a tough time finding a church, because I lived in Florida, and wasn't a parishioner anywhere.  Luckily, they took us, and my friend who is a priest.

I didn't decorate the church, as it was gorgeous on its own.  I did get some great music choices, an organist, trumpeter, and a vocalist for all of the music.  I picked the following songs, as the Catholic Church is strict in what you can/can't play.  I was happy with it, because it was more traditional, and just beautiful.

  • Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Bach for the seating of parents
  • Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke for the Wedding Party
  • Canon in D for me and my brother
  • Ode to Joy Beethoven for the recessional
I felt like it was a blur, but it was about 30 minutes of pure joy.

I was really nervous.  I was sitting in the bus with my oldest brother, waiting for him to walk me down the aisle.  Then I saw a dear friend from college in the back of the church with her toddler and infant daughters, and I was immediately at ease.

The walk down the aisle seemed like an eternity, and I was just jittery.  Until I got to sit down with Mike.  Then all was perfect in the world.  I had my SIL and niece do the readings.  I have such a big immediate family, it was tough to incorporate every single person!

One big detail I do need to mention was the programs.  I had all of my paper products match from wedding paper divas.  They are such a great company to work with!  I made a section in the program which had the following below the wedding party:

Through the years their comfort, wisdom, and unconditional love has helped shape who we are.  They are here today, watching over us and smiling as we begin our new life together. Their love for both of us will never be forgotten, as their memories will live on forever in our hearts. 
In loving memory of Michael and Janis Gill, Parents of the Bride

Enough of the wordy description, here are a few photos!

Assumption Church

Father Stan

2 of the 3 flower girls.  My other niece went on strike:)

When he saw me!

The long walk.  Longest walk ever.

Trying not to be nervous, and my brother hiding his Oakleys!

Our reaction after my brother gave me away.  He thought he would give me a friendly ass slap to ease my nervousness.  

Yep.  Happy!


One of the many kisses I managed to sneak in the ceremony.  What?  Can you blame me?!

Husband and Wife!
What was your favorite part of your ceremony?!


  1. You look so happy! I love how you were able to incorporate your family with all of the readings. It's hard for me to pick a favorite part of my ceremony, but I definitely think the ceremony as a whole was my favorite part of my wedding =)

  2. truly is a beautiful church,ceremony and couple!!! :)

    1. Thank you! I am happy we found that church. Have a great weekend!

  3. Our ceremonies (even the music) sound so similar! We decorated our church a tiny bit with a few flowers, but isn't the beauty of the church itself so perfect so you don't have to do anything?! Thanks so much for linking up with Macy and me for Wedding Wednesday this week!

    1. Small world! Something about most churches just make it the most beautiful place. Thanks for stopping by!!


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