Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: The Gift

I figured this story needed its own post, and it is most deserving of one.  Both of my parents passed away (my father 19 years ago, and my mom 9 years ago), so the wedding without them was tough.  I paid tribute to them in little ways, but also did not want to dwell on their loss the entire day.  It was a day to celebrate a new life, a bigger family, and most of all, love.

After I finished getting ready, my bridesmaids got me together to give me a gift.  It was an engraved locket, with my parents wedding photo inside, as well as another cute photo of them inside.  I was beyond moved.  I cried my eyes out, and didn't want to ruin my make up, but this was a gift that I will always cherish.

I had a picture of my parents from my sister Amy's wedding on my bouquet.  I also wore one of my mom's rings on my right hand. 


  1. Such a sweet and special gift from your bridesmaids! Love the way you honored your parents memory with the photo in your bouquet as well.

    1. Thanks! I definitely love the surprises from those girls!

  2. What a thoughtful gift, and these are beautiful pictures. So sorry for your loss, but know they were definitely there with you on that day <3

  3. Wow, what a special and thoughtful gift from your maids. I am so sorry you didn't have them there with you physically, but you know they were there throughout your whole day and everyday. Thank you for sharing this special post xoxo

  4. That is so sweet and thoughtful of your bridesmaids. I love how you paid tribute and they did too, and kept with the joy of the day (as well as you could).

  5. This is really a wonderful post.

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