Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Latest Obsessions

So lately I have become "obsessed" with living more simply.  With spending less, and living more.

DH and I have been talking about things we want to do..from going to the gardens near our house, to just getting Chinese food.  All in all, we want to do more things, spending time together, but spend less money all around. are some of my tips and tricks in helping our cause.

I have been simplifying my wardrobe.  I started doing Project 333.  Yes.  I dove in.  But no blog posts?!  Why Megan, why?  It has been so easy to keep myself accountable with a maternity wardrobe, that honestly, it is easy.  I don't miss my old clothes, and I look good every day.  It takes seconds to figure out what I will wear after I check the weather.  Hello random Chicago summer.  I am slowly but surely building up my fall wardrobe.  Ok ok, I will post my pieces from my summer wardrobe so you can see what I am working with.  I didn't limit myself to 33 pieces, because a number is just a number.  It is all about being more frugal, having less crap around, and just looking good with what you have.  I LOVE it.

I have been a couponing, meal planning freak.  I just started getting the Sunday paper and clipping coupons for what we use.  I then plan on what stores are already having deals on that stuff, and doubling up my coupons.  It took some effort in the beginning.  I am not "that" good at it yet, but hope to be. I also downloaded an app to keep track of what is in my pantry.  Seemed like a lot of work, but all you have to do is scan the barcode.  I scanned my entire pantry in an hour last night.  This will make meal planning a breeze!

For the past two years, I have kept a "gift" box.  I keep track of gifts I buy for my family all year long.  I will find something someone will love, and buy it.  I don't care if it is January.  I keep it until Christmas.  I just found some great clearance toys at Target for my nieces.  Boom.  Holiday shopping almost done.  It feels good to pace it out, and just save money.  Especially when you have 8 nieces and nephews and your own little bambino on the way.

DH thinks all of my organization is nuts, until it comes in handy.  Which is usually daily:)

What are some of your daily tips and tricks to help organize your family?!


  1. We plan everything...that's honestly our only tip/trick that works. With a small baby and two full-time jobs (plus a deployment), it's necessary!

    1. Amen sista. I don't get how DH friend's always call last minute to ask if they can go out. Like teenagers. Um, no because I just made his fav dinner and it took me 3 hours to make it. Lawd I will need a drink after this baby comes. And more planning:)


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