Thursday, April 14, 2011


Have you ever taken a day or even a moment to just notice what is going on around you?  Yesterday, whether I realized it at first or not, I saw a lot of good and bad human nature that left me thinking a lot.

I take the bus in the morning to get to my train, and I usually stop at DD to get some coffee, because it has been a bit chilly in the am.  I sat down, started to read the Red Eye, and I noticed a rude customer fighting with the lady behind the register.  I felt awful for the woman, especially since I see her almost every day when I get my Medium Black coffee with skim and 2 splenda.  He dropped a few cuss words, insulted her, etc.  I felt embarrassed for him, and for her. 

I drove home from work (I keep my car at the train station most days), and I saw unbelievable road rage.  Just nutty.  I don't know why everyone has to drive like an a$#hole all the damn time.  Tailgating people, cutting them off.  Hello people, the EDENs sucks all the damn time.  Be patient, or just leave earlier.  I can only imagine that 1% of those folks have some type of emergency going on, but not the 50% I see on cell phones, texting, etc.  I have realized lately how disengaged from actual driving these people are.  I mean, I passed one girl yesterday who was texting, on the Expressway.  Really?  The Edens at rush hour.  Probably a terrible idea.  Actually, a really terrible idea.  She was in my lane half the time, and then in her lane.  I kept trying to get away from her so she didn't hit me.

Part of the good human nature I saw was at the PFA (Navy semi annual PT test) this morning.  I was paired up with a Petty Officer I did not know, since we have over 1,000 people at my work.  We motivated each other every step of the way.  We both did really well, and it made me smile to know that even though we just met, we had a common goal that we could help each other meet. 

Last Friday I was in uniform going to a formal dinner, and I was walking outside of my building hailing a cab when a woman asked me "what uniform is that?" I responded that I was a LT in the Navy, and this was our formal dinner uniform.  She said that I looked beautiful in uniform, and thanked me for my service.  I don't know why this one woman stopped, and I was so taken aback by it, especially because of the impending budget crisis.  At that moment, I didn't know if I was going to get paid on the 15th.  Or if my Sailors were going to get paid.  Talk about a bit of stress, and just that one comment, made me smile, and forget about it at least for an hour until someone brought it up again.

I guess I am a bit disheartened to see the "bad" stuff like what I posted above every day.  I just hope I see more of the good now, and see people pay it forward.  Hold a door open for someone, say hello to someone, anything.  I hate seeing people who are only about them. Me me me.  I know I always remember that one time my neighbor brought me food when I was sick, or when my concierge asked me about work, etc.  Sometimes after a long day at work, all someone needs in passing is a kind hello.  You never know how much it helps.

April 28th in national Pay it Forward day.  I say not limit kindness to just one day...:)

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  1. In high school I had a teacher that made us do "random acts of kindness" once a week. We would write thank you notes on note cards to someone who helped us or needed that reminder that they were appreciated. I agree, Pay It Forward day shouldn't be limited to just one day.

    P.S. thank you for your service. (and my handwritten note!) I love it!


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