Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Retail Reward..

I have lost 7..yes 7 pounds so far in my two week fitness freakshow ahem..adventure.  Pretty excited about it, so I rewarded myself with new workout shorts, bra, and this headband today.  I only spent about $50, because I got the under armour gear pretty cheap.  I just hope I can keep up some of this momentum with working out, and eating right.  My goal is about 13 more pounds. 

Can find the website to the headband here!

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  1. way to go, megan! its always so exciting to make positive change. the hard part is maintaining. but if you create that positive change as a part of your daily life, and do it in a way that is feasible to continue, you are sure to succeed. anything you make a priority in life you will find time for. :)


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