Thursday, March 1, 2012

Easy Chicken Enchiladas

I was talking with some of my friends lately, and they were complaining about cooking shows on tv.  I am a huge fan.  Huge.  Giada is my hero.  No lie.  There is one issue though.  Most of their recipes are pretty difficult to make/people who work crazy hours like us Navy folk don't have the time to make a 10+ step meal. 

Insert my recipe for the evening.  I made my Hearty Barley Soup Sunday night.  I had leftover onion and canned tomatoes, so I decided to make some Enchiladas.  So easy, so good.  Seriously, a dude could make it.  No pun intended.

Here is the recipe.

To make life easy, I got some pre-cooked Purdue chicken strips (grilled), to make the meal.  Takes less than 30 mins start to finish.  I know gasp I used something that wasn't living, breathing, etc before cooking.  But lets keep it real here, I just took a huge test today.  Last thing I want to do is cook a gourmet meal.  So instead, I made some yummy enchiladas, and I am totally ok with that. 


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