Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I was taking in some of Newport's Winterfest, and noticed a local business was open.  I work some odd hours, so it is usually closed when I get home from work. 

I stumbled into 3rd and Elm Press, and well..I couldn't walk out with out buying something!

The owner and artist, Ilse, was so kind and welcoming.  Her work is amazing.  She makes her own paper, carves her own wooden blocks, you name it.  I roamed through her gallery, and looked at all her press equipment. 

There is something about a "mom and pop" place that always gets me.  I walked out with some handmade cards.  I am a big believer that a handwritten note is better than an email any day of the week.  I got one in the mail yesterday from a dear friend.  I was so happy to open that beautiful card! 

Here are the two cards I bought:


Check out Ilse's website.  You will be amazed by her handiwork!

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