Friday, June 13, 2014

Birthdays and Ballgames!

So my Chicago trip continues onto Birthdays and Ballgames!  You can read about part 2 here!

I took my guy to Hot Dougs for his birthday.  Lame?  Of course not?!  Who doesn't want some encased meats for their big day.  I had two hot dogs..yes, cheated on my diet.  But then again, I was in Chicago.  The 4 pounds gained was worth it.  I had a pear, wine, and fresh herb pork sausage hot dog with fig peach mayonnaise and jalapeno Havarti cheese.  Soo good.  Sooo sooo good.  We had to go again because this place shuts its doors for good in October.  Mike and I went a few years ago, so we had to go again!

Cheesing.  Waiting in line. 


For dinner I took him to Gather.  The food was incredible.  The service even better.  I had some great halibut..and really want to go back!  We had some time to kill before we met up with some friends for drinks, so I convinced him to go to a bistro for dessert.  We had some profiteroles with some Bordeaux.  So good.  Seriously, the night was a real treat.  After missing his birthday for a few years, it was the least I could do!  We then met some girl friends of mine at a bar.  Great end to a great night! 

Love these girls!
The next day, we met up with a group of friends from near and far to go to the Cubs game.  Cubs vs the Marlins.  Such a fun time sharing the game with my friends from high school and college.  The college girls flew in from VA to spend the weekend with me.  The high school gals came in from a far as well.  So blessed to have these girls in my life!
Go Cubs!


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