Monday, June 30, 2014

Vow Vox Box

So some of you may have seen my last Influenster post here about some great free products I received from Mary Kay. 

I was surprised to see that I was eligible for another Vox Box, this one having a wedding theme!

I hurried home from a 2 week work trip to open up a box filled with goodies!  The box contained Sally Hansen nail polish (something blue), Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream (love), Riley and Grey website (I already made mine, otherwise awesome), Pure Silk Shaving Cream (omg), Eco Tools Pure Complexion Sponge (yes, yes, another love), and Tide to Go (perfect for my survival kit, and for work-hellloooo, Sailors wear a LOT of white!) 

My two favs are of course the face cream and the shaving cream.  I am for sure a fan, and will buy these two products again. The shaving cream is a mere $2.19 at the store, which is wayyy cheaper than the stuff I normally use (gasp..$36..long story there.  don't judge). 

I would wear the nail polish, but my job has super strict rules on color, so I will wear on the toes soon, just can't wear it on the hands.  This was a great, simple VoxBox, full of stuff I can use, and definitely need!  I really can't wait to get another one...:)

Oil of Olay.  Simple, and awesome.  #BestBeautiful

Seriously.  Awesome Shaving Cream!  That is the Eco Tools Face Sponge..incredible!


  1. I received this VoxBox and loved it too! You're so right, it's definitely stuff I'll actually use. I LOOOVED that Olay lotion... even though it's $30 in real life haha! But girl, $36 for shave cream?!?! I bet you have the smoothest legs ever haha!

  2. I need to sign up for Influenster (or however it works)! Everyone is always getting these amazing boxes!


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