Monday, June 9, 2014

Sweet Home Chicago Part 2..

Well folks, I just got back from 1 trip so far this summer.  Sweet home Chicago!   You can read all about part 1 here!

After all the fun, we started out Monday strong.  We went to our food tasting!  Oh my, that definitely put a dent in the diet plan.  No need to worry.  Hopped back on that train tonight.  Then the guy and I watched a movie.  A great Monday..for sure!

Tuesday was also jammed packed with planning.  We met our photographer, and designed our invitations!  Then we met our priest for dinner, and started the process for the ceremony.  Turns out, not only did I know the priest, my guy did too!  He was the parish priest for his first communion.  Small world. 

Wednesday we picked out the cake.  Cake tasting.  Oh my goodness.  Amazing.  Then, we met with the florist.  I dropped the guy back at home, and did a makeup trial.  Love the makeup artist.  She was absolutely amazing. 

Stay tuned for some more of my time in Chicago..more pictures too!


  1. You're getting there!! So funny that you knew your priest! Funny story, we had a similar thing happen: the priest is the uncle of a sort-of coworker!

  2. Cake tasting was one of my most favorite parts of wedding planning! Yay for you guys getting so much accomplished!

  3. sounds like you are getting some stuff done! and yay for cake tasting!!! i didnt get to do that for our wedding- since our cake designer was a family friend.


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