Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Household Binder

So in preps for a big move, and since I just got married..I figured I should revamp my binder system.
I am one of those people that has a binder for everything.  I mean, everything.
Wedding, Bills/Budget, Christmas/Gifts, Household Items, Moving/PCS binder..you name it.

Some of my favorite websites to use to get some great ideas for these binders are:



and..last but not least..


Some areas I am focusing on are:

  • Utilities and Services Contact List (Cable/Gas/etc)
  • Medical and Health Insurance Info for each family member
  • Pet Info for the Vet
  • User Name and Password Section
  • Cleaning Lists (yearly, monthly, daily, etc)
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Menu Planner (I hate wasting food..)
  • Party Planner (what supplies do I need, what do I have?)
I made my own binder instead of buying a premade binder because I want to edit as I please.  I am that OCD.  

What checklists do you use?  What works for you/doesn't work for you?  

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