Friday, July 29, 2011


I finally finished my move yesterday. The movers came on Wednesday, and after a day of exciting packing up my apartment, I decided I would clean the apartment on Thursday.  I went back, cleaned, and turned in my keys.  It wasn't sad like I thought it would be, kind of liberating actually.  I loved my building and most of my neighbors, but as soon as the building was remodeled, a lot of young, yuppie, a-hole neighbors moved in.  Some of the rudest people you would ever meet.  So, hopefully the next 3 states I move to in the next year will have better neighbors!  The ones who don't pull your laundry out of the washer while the cycle is still going, ones who don't always slam the elevator door in your face, etc. 

I spent yesterday having dinner with the girls, and it was nice to just relax, and enjoy the day.  I just finished bbq-ing and making dinner with my guy.  Glad to spend the next couple of days with him.  I definitely need it before I leave town. 

Waiting to start my next adventure.  Just hope I packed enough clothes for it all!

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