Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was for me.  I spent a lot of time at my apartment, organizing, cleaning, and relaxing. 

  • Watched Hall Pass.  Hilarious.  Really.
  • Cleaned the apartment.
  • Did laundry and purged my closet for Goodwill
  • Got a mani/pedi.  Which also has the funniest, Not rated for blogger story attached.  Yikes!
  • Bought a gorgeous necklace from a local boutique
  • Got some gelato, just because
  • BBQd for my guy..
I am sure I am forgetting a ton of stuff.  Just trying to keep my head above water right now with packing and organizing.

Best. Gelato. Ever.

John Daly's.  MMM.  Summer Drink.

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