Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vacation Continued!!

So we drove to Missouri on day 6.  Road trip with my pup, and the family.  I had to move her, so I can do my moves.  They don't allow dogs in the barracks, so I have to be without her for 3 months :(  I get her back, then have to move her again whenever I deploy. 

I am going to miss this face.  I already do. 

The 6th day, we got to the house, and had some amazing homemade spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread.  Yum!

The 7th day, we went on a float trip on the Meramec River.  Talk about redneck fun. Seriously.  6 man rafts, beer, food, sun, sunscreen, big floppy hat, and family.  It did, however, rain and hail on us about 3/4 of the way through.  That, wasn't too much fun, but did add to the adventure.  This is the 3rd float trip I have done,  and 2nd on the Meramec.  It is a great time! 

The 8th day was the 4th.  I went shopping with some of the girls to Osage Beach, and bought a new wardrobe.  I desperately needed some new summery clothes.  I can't resist buying new clothes, especially when they were so cheap.  After we got back, we bbq'd, watched some comedy shows (Jeff Dunham!), and watched fireworks. 

Family.  It was bright out.  Holy sun.

We had a little bit of sunscreen.  Just a little bit. 

The 9th day, we just relaxed.  I needed it.  Slept, hung out with my puppy, and ate some more.  I even got my one trip to Walmart in.  Very esq.  Seriously.  It was bad, and provided great entertainment for all. 

The 10th day, we drove back to Chicago.  It took forever...because of construction in Illinois, and police chases in Missouri.  Yup. 

And I am sweet home Chicago.  I need to pack, organize, and get my stuff together so I can move on out to the East Coast. 

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