Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mmmm..Good Eats in Chicago

I have been lucky enough to spend two days having "going away" meals with some of my good friends this week.  The first place I went to was Cafe Ba Ba Reeba.  I always love going to this place.  Nothing like sharing plates of amazing tapas and drinking Sangria with good friends!  The bacon wrapped dates are a must have.  It is like meat candy.  No lie. 

I can't wait to visit Chicago after I move, just to make an excuse for a girls night out. 

The second place I went to is called Brunch.  It was pretty damn good.  Great ambiance, amazing menu, but our server was kind of a tool.  Eh, win some lose some, like our order.  He kept goofing it, but other than that, the food was incredible.  Must try the stuffed french toast bites.  Wow. 

Again, I must go here again.  I think I already have my itinerary complete for my next visit to Chicago.  Now I just have to figure out what weekends I will visit in the next 4 months..

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  1. Aww! So sad that you've left Chicago! Isn't CB amazing???


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