Friday, August 26, 2011

All in a week..

This week has been incredible.  I went out for Thai with friends, Ran my first Hash Run, and studied my butt off for my first exam in my current school.  The studying paid off, I passed my test!

I then started my "hurricane preps".  I got gas, bottled water, food, booze, and some entertainment (books and UNO).  Yup.  We may have a hurricane party in the barracks, or I may get the hell out of dodge.   All of my friends on the East Coast are affected, so none of us really have anywhere to go.
First we have an earthquake, now a hurricane.  I have many friends in Norfolk, and right now I am praying for their safety.  I hope this hurricane isn't that bad, but I have a feeling that where I am right now, we will have significant wind damage and power outages.  We had a minor storm yesterday, and it was pretty bad here.  Downed trees, power outages everywhere.  Thus, no one could prepare yesterday, leaving it to today.  Yikes! 

I just hope I get my act together tonight/tomorrow, so I can get out of here in time, or just ride it out with all my shipmates.  Like I said, we have UNO.  And wine.  Lots of wine. 

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  1. Hope you stayed safe and weathered the storm! Congrats on passing your test!


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