Friday, August 12, 2011

Parent versus Teacher?

I recently saw on CNN, that the Mayor of Philadelphia and the Police Chief are enforcing curfew, etc due to an increase of flash mobs.  Having the Mayor and the Police Chief tell the parents, Hey! These are YOUR kids, please raise them..just made me wish we had done that in Chicago.

Chicago has had the same issues, and the Mayor and Police Chief are far too political to call it what it is, BAD parenting.  The teachers in the Chicago Public School system teach the kids during the day, and the Police have to teach them, raise them at night?  Really?  The parents are in such denial.  There was recently a 13 y/o boy shot numerous times by the CPD.  His parents stuck to their guns (no pun intended..or is there?) that their child was not a bad kid, and that he would NEVER have a gun.  Too bad the CPD found a gun on him, and the kid had shot out the windows of his school, and numerous vehicles in the area.  Oh yeah, and the picture the parents gave to the media, was of the kid flashing gang signs.  No joke. 

It is a shame that parents just can't be parents. 

You can read what the Philly mayor said here.  Let's hope that if this madness happens in Chicago again, that everyone agrees, it's the parents fault, and lets increase patrols and fine them.  They should know where their 11 y/o kid is, at 11pm.  Seriously. 

Major kudos to all those teachers out there.  You have a tough job out there, and may feel unappreciated.  Just know that there are people who DO appreciate your hard work and dedication!!  I say this because I do have many friends, esp in Chicago, who are teachers.  They spend so much time off the books helping their students, and I see how proud they are when they succeed.

I also know that before I didn't recognize those parents out there who are doing a fantastic job.  I have many friends who have babies, and lets just say if I ever get married, have kids..I am running to them for advice.

This isn't a slam against those who are doing their job as a parent, but just a rant that I am fed up at the media blaming everyone but the parents for the kids staying out at all hours of the day. I mean, how is it the neighbors fault that your kid is out pushing a lady down the stairs of the "L" station to steal her I Phone? The blame game is so old.   The Chicago media is so biased, and every chance they get to slam a hard working parent, teacher, cop, fireman, sanitation worker, etc, they do it.  I am starting to think that the Tribune is more unfair and unbalanced than anything. 


  1. hey let's give some kudos out there to all those parents raising kids in this crazy environment....trying to imagine sending my 11 y/o (someday) to a public school with other 11 y/o's who have guns and no curfew? just remember, there are a lot of sucky parents - but there are a lot of us doing everything we can to make sure our kids aren't sucked into the abyss by the influence of these crazies. on a side note - the flash mobs (and the stuff happening in london, etc) has me a little freaked. i think momma is gonna have to get a gun. am fraid someday things will get so crazy out there in the world that i will need to protect my home against these kids....sadly, these 11 y/o's will grow up into adults someday. isn't that something to look forward to? makes me think homeschool isn't such a bad idea.

  2. Definitely not a slam to those that are parenting! More of a slam to the media that doesn't recognize that there are people like you that do everything you can to make a better life for your kids, and those parents who have kids, and just don't give them the time of day. I just hope the Chicago machine and media starts to recognize the difference between good parenting, and stop blaming teachers, cops, firemen, and everyone else in society that they try to blame for the flash mobs.
    panic, but I wish curfew was enforced a bit more, holding people accountable for their actions.


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