Monday, August 29, 2011

How To: Live/Cook out of a Hotel Room

I am finding myself in a unique living situation, where I am living in a hotel room for a while.  I have done this before, but was young, and did whatever I wanted for meals.  Usually a trip to (insert bar name here) for dinner once or twice a week.  I am trying to save money, and eat healthy.  All I have is a mini fridge, microwave, stovetop, and little itty bitty sink. 

There aren't many grocers near me that offer the selection of food that I am used to.  City living can tend to spoil with conveniences!  Food Lion and Walmart, here I come!

My staples are:
milk, yogurt, cheese sticks, granola/fiber bars, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, hummus, oatmeal, healthy microwave meals, and cereal.   I am also going to cycle through some of my favorite recipes, like Margarita Chicken, and my chicken wraps

Healthy microwave meals are key.  Most are chock full of awful stuff, little protein and incredible amounts of sodium.  Yuck.  I diligently looked at every microwave meal I bought the other day, and the best stuff I found was Amy's Light and Lean.  Best part, it tastes good too!

My favorite hotel chain to stay at with even more amentities than I currently have is the Residence Inn by Marriott.  The one I stayed at in DC was bigger than my apartment in Chicago.  No joke!  I would stay at one of these hotels again in a heartbeat.  So many conveniences of home.  I hate eating out for every meal when I travel.  I feel so unhealthy when I do this.  So during my DC trip, I had some breakfast food and lunches in my room, so I didn't gorge myself.  Plus, I saved a ton of money. 

My next "How To" post will be how to pack for a PCS!


  1. So, I have a few other ideas -- though I know you'll be out of there soon enough..

    A few things that might make cooking better: a small rice cooker and/or a crock pot. Maybe toaster oven?

    Side note, I read that cooking veggies in the micro, as long as its not too long or in too much liquid, is one of the best ways to retain the nutrients.

  2. I may actually buy a new crock pot. I have most of my stuff in storage in RI right now, but I have had mine since college. I don't know how people live out of hotel rooms this long! Which is why I love getting new ideas from everyone. Only 6 more weeks left!


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